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Dr. Ima Newvet
100 Downthe Road
Smalltown, TX 01234
Dear Dr. Newvet,
It is a great pleasure to extend to you the offer of employment for the Associate
Veterinarian position at Practice Name.
We have agreed upon $XX,000/year of employment as the base salary that will be paid in
bi-monthly installments with Pro-Sal XX% production capability. The salary is subject to all
taxes and withholdings as required by law or the policies of Practice Name. A copy of the
compensation statement we reviewed is also included with this offer to outline the
additional benefits available to your new position.
We have agreed to a start date of Monday, Month, ___, 20__. If you find that you would
be able to start at an earlier date, we would be pleased to make that accommodation.
Please contact Dr. Hecantellya for specifics regarding your salary. We will also have a
contract for your review.
The team has been advised of your arrival and they are also pleased that you have joined
the practice. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate contacting me
at 555-123-4567. I look forward to a successful and productive work environment.
Dr. Imanowner
Human Resources – Associate Offer
3Q – 2013 / VMC, Inc.
Practice Name