Average Word Problems

Average Word Problems
1. On the firs 4 days of the week Shannon took 30 min., 28 min. 34 min. and 31 min.
to get to school. If the average time for the week was 31 min. how long did
Shannon take to get to school on Friday?
2. Jeremy received grades of 95, 90, and 83 on 3 tests. If he wants to have an
average on 90 this MP, how much should he score on the 4th test?
3. The average salary of 5 employees at WebWorks is $650/week. If four employees
receive $600, $650, $700 and $760. What is the salary of the 5th employee?
4. Stevens’ average for 4 tests is 92. What is the lowest score he can get on the 5th
test to have an average of 90.