For which course or course unit will you write specific learning objectives?
Course: BIO 123 – Biological Science II for biology and allied health majors
Unit: Descent with Modification: A Darwinian View of Life (Ch 22 in Campbell Biology, 9th ed)
BIG Dream Learning Goals:
A year (or more) after this course is over, I want and hope students will:
 Recall evolution is descent with modification rather than inheritance of acquired
 Be able to read and construct an evolutionary tree
Measurable Learning Objectives:
1. Define/describe the Scala Naturae, Linnaen classification of organisms, and the geological
ideas of catastrophism and uniformitarianism (KNOWLEDGE and COMPREHENSION)
2. Define adaptations and describe how adaptations relate to natural selection (KNOWLEDGE)
3. Compare and contrast Lamarck’s hypothesis of inheritance of acquired characteristics and
Darwin’s theory of descent with modification (ANALYSIS)
4. Differentiate artificial and natural selection and indicate how Darwin’s two main
observations and inferences relate the two (ANALYSIS)
5. Recognize populations, NOT individuals, evolve and natural selection does NOT create new
traits, relate these statements to descent with modification (COMPREHENSION)
6. Compose examples of a population of organisms evolving by descent with modification,
include how heritable traits, overreproduction and the environment affect the population
7. Analyze experimental data to determine if a population is evolving (ANALYSIS)
8. Explain how molecular homologies, anatomical homologies, vestigial structures, the fossil
record and biogeography/endemic species support natural selection (COMPREHENSION)
9. Illustrate the difference between convergent evolution with analogous structures and
divergent evolution by homologous structures using an evolutionary tree (APPLICATION)