Evolution Pick a Point

Evolution Pick a Point Blended Learning Exercise
Choose one of the following for station 1
1. Design a fictitious organism and tell its evolutionary
story. (See Examples)
A. Build a model or draw a picture of your organism. Be
sure to put it in its habitat.
B. In a one page paper Describe the habitat that it lives in,
why it lives there, and list 5 adaptations the animal has
had to go through to survive in that environment.
C. Incorporate Darwin’s 6 main ideas in your paper (use
page B. 23-24 in text to help you).
2. Pick an organism of your choice and research its
phylogenetic tree. Draw or create a phylogenetic tree on
paper or on your computer. Type into GooglePhylogenetic tree of (animal of your choice) and click
Choose one for station 2
1. Design your own website using
other comparable site of your choice on a chosen
species and show how it has adapted over time.
A. You must show the original species and any
adaptations that may have occurred to it. You must
include Darwin’s 6 main ideas (use page B. 23-24 to
help you)
2. Design a wix viddyad etc presentation of your chosen
animal ( you must include 6 slides) Each one should be
titled using Darwin’s 6 main ideas.