Mini Research Question

What is smoke? What color is smoke?
How does food coloring work? If we boil away a
beaker of water with red food coloring, what
happens to the food coloring?
What is fire? Are there particles in fire? Why are
there different colors in flame sometimes? What
about fireworks?
How does a candle burn? What are candles made
of? What happens to the wax particles after the
candle burns?
What is air? What happens to the gas particles in
air when something burns?
What is incense? Why do some people have a
reaction to some particles that they smell (ex.
What is the difference between a particle, an
atom, a molecule, subatomic particle? Explain.
What is particle board? Why is it called particle
How do you make rock candy? How does making
rock candy fit into what we are studying? Tell us
more about Joseph Priestly.
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