Particle Adventure Lab

Particle Adventure
Objective: To use the following website to investigate and learn about Elementary Particles: their
origins, properties, how they are observed and how they interact with each other.
1) What are the current fundamental particles?
2) How much of the atom is empty space?
3) What is the name of the theory that attempts to explain what the world is and what holds it
4) What is the difference between matter and anti-matter?
5) What happens when matter and anti-matter particles meet?
6) How many quarks are there?
7) What are their names and charges?
8) What are Hadrons, Baryons and Mesons? How are they similar and how are they different?
9) What are Leptons? What are their names and charges?
10) How many families of Leptons are there?
11) What is conserved during Lepton decay?
12) What are neutrinos?
13) What is the difference between force and interaction and can we use these terms
14) What is the carrier particle of the E-M force?
15) What binds the nucleus together?
16) What is the weak interaction?
17) What is the carrier particle of the gravitational force?
18) What does Quantum mean and what is one example of it?
19) What are Fermions and Bosons and how are they different?
20) What happens to the missing mass during radioactive decay?
21) What is one detection device (the old one) used to show decays and annihilations?
22) What are some competing theories that look to go beyond the Standard Model?
Conclusion: Explain in your own words how we can discover information about things that we cannot see.
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