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11837 Garr Rd. Buchanan, MI 49107
Cell: (1-920)591-1118
----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY --------------------------------------------------------------------
*Worked with dairy cattle for over 8 years
*Understand how to work with dairy cattle, and how they respond to body language
*Strongly focused on herd health
*Have a passion for what I do and I want to learn more
*Proficient A.I.
*On time
*Supervised the heifer A.I. program and tried new methods for better pregnancy rates
*Served as a student supervisor directly under the herd manager
*Apply new technologies to the work field to promote overall health
*Participate in herd health activities
*Help with difficult calving procedures
*Managed the heifer raising operation
08/2007 to 05/2016
*Daily feeding of the cattle
*Student Supervisor
*Treat sick cows
*Manage postpartum health very closely: Treatment of Ketosis, DA, Metritis, Milk Fever, etc.
*Capable of intravenous and intramuscular injections
*Heat detection
*Putting cows down if necessary
*Assisting veterinarian when necessary
*Assisting in difficult calvings when necessary
*Running machinery
*Experience working with different nationalities: Russian, African, and Hispanic culture
Bachelor of Science: Agriculture: Dairy Herd Management
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, United States
GPA- 3.82
May 2016