5. Psych Clerkship Recommendations for Change

Psychiatry Clerkship Review
Recommendations from the MEC sub-committee:
1. Objectives
a. Align Ilios objectives with the ones you present to students at orientation
b. Remove the word “ALL” from 3rd objective “Discuss the biological, social, intrapsychic
and behavioral aspects of ALL illness whether its etiology and development be medical,
emotional, or, as in most cases, both”
c. Add the following words to the following objective “Discuss the unique principles of
ethical conduct with psychiatric patients.”
d. Remove the following objective “Describe and/ or interpret auxilliary aids in psychiatry,
such as neuropsychiatric testing, psychological testing, social services, or special
programs (i.e. activities therapy, behavioral medicine, etc.)” as you are not currently
doing this and this seems at a more advanced level.
e. Remove “theoretical basis” from the following objective “Compare and contrast the
theoretical basis, techniques and delivery of different psychotherapies.” The theoretical
basis is more advanced and time is more efficiently spent on the actual
f. Remove the following objective “Utilize DMEDS as a way of practicing electronic medical
record keeping.” This does not seem to be a reasonable way of teaching medical record
keeping. The students get this by using the EHR at their various sites.
g. Add NBME to How assessed for those competencies that you feel the NBME assesses –
consider taking the NBME shelf exam yourself to better understand the content of this
2. Essential Conditions / Skills
a. Remove Delirium as this is covered by Medicine and more appropriately taught and
assessed by medicine
b. Change level of student responsibility to “Manage with Supervision” rather than
“manage” as we would not expect a 3rd year student to manage these on their own.
3. Learning Assessment Tools
a. Consider adding a mini-CEX to more formally assess the Mental Status Exam as this is a
very important component of psychiatry that is less likely to be assessed in other
4. Learning Environments/Activities
a. Continue to work on enhancing the outpatient experiences for all students, regardless
of site
b. Remove sessions from Ilios that you are no longer running (Brian Reid can help)
c. Continue to make sessions more interactive and less power-point based lecture format
d. Prepare checklist for student assignments to make them more clear
e. Change call hours at CPMC/DH to make them more equitable
5. Resident preparation for teaching
a. Assure that CPMC residents are receiving:
i. Teaching on Teaching
ii. Geisel Clerkship Objectives
iii. Teacher-Learner Policy
iv. Work Hour Policy
b. Consider using Survey Monkey to track this (consult with Peds)