SCH 509: Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

SCH 509: Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
The course covers recent topics in Inorganic Chemistry. It relies heavily on recent
literature reviews.
Given the advances in Inorganic Chemistry and the earlier topics covered in this area the
learner will be able to extend coordination knowledge of the properties of transition
metals and non transition metals like heavy Group IV and VB elements.
The learner will associate the reaction mechanisms, structures of compounds and their
means of identification. Methods of analysis include infrared, Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance of inorganic atoms like H, F, P, B; and chirality of the compounds will be
learned and determined using ORD and CD spectra
The learner will further learn to distinguished п-acid compounds formed by transition
metals with ligands like CO, N2, NO, CS, etc. Apply these structures to predict the
formation of other п-acid compounds.
The learner will be able to combine the previous knowledge of inorganic chemistry to
design new unknown compounds.
Assessment of knowledge shall include two tests and the final examination. The final
Exam will be marked out of 70%.
Reading Materials: Advances in Inorganic Chemistry, Cotton and Wilkinson, 5th Edition
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry and various papers published by the
Lecturer shall be handed out.
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