Verbatim 4.6

Notes from Wake round 1 vs Emporia State PeFo Oklahoma LeWy
by Abraham Corrigan
Value has no stable meaning
sometimes it means not having
sometimes it means it does
value has a price
complete control
this related to stigma in lives of youth.
Discrimination effects mental health
replace stigma with
Role of the ballot resist barriers that exclude perspectives
CX - WHat does it mean to resist - Counterstories are a way to resist by providing facts and restrictions
on identity.
Why ballot? - we don't need the ballot, if the judge thinks they're productive then they vote for them
Survival sex should be including in notions of prostitution
What should we negate? - negate the performance or method of the affirmative
Interpretation - Make a we meet to the legalize portion of the resolution
SHallow debates turn the case - individually acessable
makes it a privileged advocacy
next off,
The mirror people! striped of power and forms. they will differ from us
Baudrillard - Allegory of otherness.
Representations are beings who's singularity has been obliterated and will inevitably rebel and burst
within our world.
Refuse the affirmative's spectical of otherness or risk cannibalism of otherness and modernity.
Particularities are parodies of itself.
to know stuff in debate destroys subjectivity. - baudrillard
alternative suicide bomber - refuse to be interpelated - fernando
argument is not literally commit suicide - we need to adopt a stance of radicality that cannot be
We contest the ontological frame that the 1ac establishes with others
Locus of link in role of ballot - 1ac posits itself as something that can be exchanged in the debate space.
Homeless people are stigmatized and excluded - experience social death
empowering homelessness back into the debate community.
Counterstories provide agency and basis for action
nelson evidence - affirm what you know to be true?
Ballot endorses to make counternarratives of debate
vote on T or K = Silencing 1ac narrative
Framework we define legalization - it does nothing for those outside the law
they don't do anything for survival sex
we isolate how the law functions and it never reaches solvency for those who need it most
Baudrillard Theory reduces homeless people to objects
1nc theory is whiteness - purportedly universal - stark 99
Alternative does nothing for others - fail to realize that the reading and breaking of history is a form of
gestural politics. Suicide bomber assumes the position where people reasonably and rationally
understand the world around them.
Narratives can be exchanged for education - that's a good thing for people on the margins
1.) Language - representations of prostitution reduces it to a notion of the self. They want to change a
shared notion of language but that notion emerges from the self not external. The affirmative makes
prostitutes an object.
2.) Debate - affirmative is trading coping mechanism for a win. Otherness of lives simplified for debate.
Aff Doesn't Solve - representations fail inevitably.
Mirror people are condemned to serve but their will be discontent Words don't change things - linguistics don't impact reality - just a bunch of empty soundwaves.
Identification of the self is a prerequisite to its destruction.
Politics is dead - left and right are the same - no agency to reclaim.