Class of 2015 Post-Secondary Planning

Class of 2015 Post-Secondary Planning
I. Personal Information: Check if applicable:  I have free and reduced lunch  I am a first generation college student
Name: ____________________________________________________Student cell phone #: ______________________
Email address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Parent Email address: ________________________________________________________________________________
II. Post-Secondary Plans: What are your plans after high school? Please circle one of the italicized options and provide
additional information as indicated. If you are considering more than one option at this time, you should circle all that
4-Yr College, I intend to apply to (list all colleges):
I am interested in studying:
2-Yr College/Community College, I intend to apply to:
I am interested in studying:
Career/Technical School, I intend to apply to:
I am interested in studying:
Military, I intend to enlist in:
Employment/Work force, I intend to be employed by:
Other/Undecided, I would like more information about:
II. Standardized Testing Status: Please place a check next to those tests you have taken and/or indicate the dates you
plan to take them. Also indicate your scores if possible.
______SAT I Scores: CR_______M______WR_____ Future testing date______
______SAT II Scores: ______ ______ ______ Future testing date______
______ACT Score: ________ Future testing date_______
______I have not taken the SAT/ACT and do not intend to register this year.
_____ I took AP tests in the following subjects (please indicate subject along with score received):
III. Resume: Every senior should have a resume of extracurricular activities and/or work experience. Your resume will
serve as an important reference for completing college, scholarship, and employment applications. A resume will be
required for your counselor to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Sample resumes can be provided upon
request; templates are available in the Career Center.
Please indicate your resume status:
_________Complete ____________in progress __________will begin ASAP
Class of 2015 Post-Secondary Planning
IV. Letters of Recommendation: List at least THREE people whom you feel could provide you with a letter of
recommendation in addition to your counselor (minimum of two academic teachers):
V. Reflective questions: Please be thoughtful in responding to the following prompts.
Three adjectives that best describe me are:
I believe my greatest strengths are:
One of my proudest accomplishments is:
What most excites me about going to college is:
One thing I would do for the rest of my life, even if no one ever paid me is:
One of the most meaningful courses I have taken or activity I have participated in at Westfield High School is… because..
Are there any special circumstances that you went through in high school or in your life that influenced or affected you
(academically, personally, or socially)? If so, explain the circumstance, how it affected/influenced you, and how you
overcame it.
Thank you for your cooperation in completing this information. This form will help to ensure that you receive the
necessary support and assistance that you will require as you transition out of Westfield High School.