How the weather forecasts are made

Did you know that about twice a day there
are radiosondes (a big weather balloon)
released at around the same time? They go
up into the air and through the troposphere
(the lowest of 13-16 km into the atmosphere
were our weather occurs) and it measures
temperature, wind, air pressure, wind speed
and direction. This information is
transmitted to weather station then it goes
on TV.
Through the radar, I know the weather
for the whole week.
Friday 11th may= partly cloudy
scattered showers, winds are west to
northerly, overnight temperatures
vary between 6 degrees and 10
degrees and daytime temperatures are
12 degrees and 16 degrees.
Did you know?
The moon and sun affect the tides
because of the gravitational pull.
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A Few years ago there was a tragedy
on the 3rd February 2011 called
cyclone yasi. It was a category 5. It
smashed through north Queensland
in the region around Cardwell and
Tully. It is estimated to have cost
around 3.6 billion dollars in damage.