Climate vs. Weather

Weather Vs. Climate Notes
What’s the difference?
The average weather conditions of a place over a long period of time
-Influences where and how we live
The day to day conditions of the earth’s atmosphere at a particular place and time.
-Determines day to day activities
Two major points from the video clip are…
Is it Weather or is it Climate?
This evening, it is expected to rain.
Next summer, it is expected to be warm and humid.
Tomorrow should be sunny and warm.
This winter should be cold, with little snow.
Next spring should be mild and slightly rainy.
This weekend is supposed to be partly cloudy with mild temperatures.
Climate Zones:
Divisions of the Earth’s climate according to average temperature and average rainfall.
Tropical Zone:
Warmest average temperatures and the most rain
Temperate Zone:
More moderate temperatures and rainfall year-round.
Polar Zone:
Coldest zone with temperatures almost always below freezing (32°F)
Climate Zones Map
= Tropical Zone
= Temperate Zone
= Polar Zone
Arctic Circle
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
Antarctic Circle