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Metric Worksheet
1. The average length of a standard pencil is 150 mm. Please express this number in
the following units, and write out what the prefix of the unit stands for
(example – cm = centimeter):
2. If I have a table that measures 1.8 m in length, how many pencils would I need to
run from one end of the table to the other? Show all work!
3. Given a box that is 5 m x 3 m x 3 m, how many ccs of water can this box hold?
How many mL can it hold? How many grams of water will it take to fill this box?
Show all work! Hint: How many centimeters are in 5 m? How many are in 3 m?
How many are in 3 m?
4. You make a solution that is required to be stored at temperatures above or equal
to 40 C. However, all the thermometers that you have only measure degrees in
Fahrenheit. You test the temperatures in three different places: A storeroom, a
lab room, and an autoclave room. The temperatures that you obtain are as
Storeroom: 77 F
Lab room: 104 F
Autoclave room: 122 F
Which room(s) can you store the bottle in? Please show all work used to justify
your answer. You should be able to do this entire math without a calculator.
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