Personality, Morality, and Emotions

Personality, Morality, and Emotions
Sigmund Freud – Personality
Id 
Ego 
Superego 
How do sociologists agree with Freud’s theory?
How do sociologists disagree with Freud’s theory?
How/why do feminist sociologists object to Freud’s theory?
Lawrence Kohlberg – Morality
Amoral stage 
Preconventional Stage 
Conventional Stage 
Postconventional Stage 
Carol Gilligan – Addresses Gender differences
What is Gilligan’s major criticism of Kohlberg’s theory?
What were Gilligan’s conclusions when she designed her own test? (Personal
Relationship and Abstract principles)
How did her research hold up to further testing?
What are the 6 basic emotions? What do all humans do with the 6 basic emotions?
How are our expressions of emotions different as a result of gender/culture?
How can socialization affect what we feel? Give an example.
What inside us helps us make choices? What gives us self control?