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British Taxes & Acts 1763-1767

British Taxes and Acts on the 13
Colonies (1764-1767)
Sugar Act (1764)
A tax on sugar coming into the colonies, during a time of colonial
economic problems.
Quartering Act (1765)
Boston merchant protest with boycotts (refusal to buy sugar
from British suppliers)
More soldiers being sent to the colonies to enforce new taxes
Will be listed as a grievance (complaint) in the Declaration of
All printed materials (newspapers, bills of sale, etc.) must be on
stamped paper
Townshend Acts
Parliament reduced the tax but increased enforcement
Required colonists to housing and supplies to British soldiers
Stamp Act (1765)
Colonists smuggled to avoid the taxes
Protested by the Sons of Liberty with violence and intimidation
Repealed in 1766
Reinforced Parliament’s right to tax the colonies
Taxes on lead, glass, paper, paint, and tea
Sons of Liberty organized boycotts (again)
Britain sends MORE TROOPS
All but the tax on tea repealed in 1770
Leads to the Boston Massacre