Kathrine Parker, Specialist Renal Pharmacist, Central Manchester


Kathrine Parker, Specialist Renal Pharmacist, Central Manchester Foundation Trust

I am a Specialist Renal Pharmacist at Central Manchester Foundation Trust starting out in Renal in 2010. I work within both Renal Medicine and renal transplantation. During this time I have developed special interests in renal bone disease, PD peritonitis, drug pharmacokinetics in renal disease and anticoagulation in chronic kidney disease. My current work includes looking at immunosuppression regimes in renal transplantation and drug pharmacokinetics in dialysis. Number of years in Nephrology Field: 4.5 Post Graduate Education:PgClinDip and currently undertaking an MSc Publications/Papers (note those of most significance to the audience): Parker K, Jayanti A, Nikam M, Mitra S. Medication burden in CKD-5D: impact of dialysis modality and setting. Clin Kidney J (2014) 7: 557–561. Parker K, Mitra S, Thachill J. Prescribing warfarin in advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD). BJRM. June 2013; Vol 18: No 2. Parker K, Vincent M, Mitra S. Warfarin management in haemodialysis- are we meeting British Haematology society standards? Journal of renal care. Dec 2012; 38(4): 202-206