Eye Protection - Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University – Environmental Health and Safety
Eye Protection (Safety Glasses, Goggles, Splash Shield)
Employees and volunteers use appropriate eye protection when the JHA indicates a reasonable
likelihood of exposure to hazards from droplets or splashes of harmful substances. Assure that
all persons, including visitors, wear appropriate eye protection where chemicals are stored or
handled. Minimum eye protection is safety glasses with side shields, other forms may include
goggles, face shields, etc., used as necessary based on potential hazard.
Employees and students must use eye protection that conforms to American National
Standards Institute, Z87.1-1994 when exposed to eye or face hazards from flying particles,
molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, chemical gases or vapors, or potentially
injurious light radiation.
Employees and students who wear prescription lenses while engaged in operations that involve
eye hazards shall wear eye protection that incorporates the prescription in its design, or wear
eye protection (goggles, face shield, or over the glasses protection) that fit over the prescription
lenses without disturbing the proper position of the prescription or the protective lenses.
Contact lenses are not recommended, as they may increase the wearer’s risk when exposed to
a hazardous agent. Persons exposed to hazardous chemicals must not wear contact lenses
unless wearing goggles to provide full protection.
Rev. 10/11 LJ