Lab Safety Notes [8/31/2015]

Lab Safety Rules
1. Always get permission to begin a lab.
2. Read all procedures carefully and completely before starting a lab.
3. Pay close attention to all safety symbols.
Safety Symbol Notes
Eye Safety---You must wear safety goggles appropriately.
Clothing Protection—wear an apron for the duration of the lab
Hand Safety—be aware of other symbols that could affect your hands/wear gloves
Heating safety—all materials need toe placed away from the experimenter. Proper attire
must be worn during labs with heat.
Electrical—never pull an electrical plug out of the wall by the cord. Keep away from water.
Chemical Safety—Properly mix and store chemicals. Wafting is the only proper way to smell
an unknown chemical.
Animal safety- Handle all live specimens with care. Always wash your hands after handling a
Sharp objects- these are only to be used with extreme care. Never hold an object and cut it,
also never cut towards yourself.
Plant safety- the same rules apply to plants as to animals.
Safe Lab Includes
1. Permission from the teacher.
2. Procedure has been completely read thoroughly and completely before beginning.
3. All clutter has been cleared away and only necessary items are on the lab table.
4. All safety precautions have been identified and acknowledged. Long hair should always be
pulled back, long sleeves rolled up, and shoes laces tied.
5. Follow your assigned role.
6. No running or horseplay.
7. No food or drinks in the lab or room.
8. If something seems unsafe, get a teacher immediately.
Safety Equipment in the Lab
Goggle sanitizer- sanitizes the goggles after each use.
Emergency shut off valves- turns off gas, electrical outlets, and water in the lab area immediately.
Fire blanket- used to extinguish a fire on a person.
Fire extinguisher- used to extinguish a fire.
Safety shower- ONLY used for hazardous chemical spills.
Emergency Eye wash- will flush chemicals from eyes.