Metal Consensus questions

Consensus Notes
What is a metal?
What does it mean for metal to be malleable & ductile?
In which groups are metals located on the periodic table?
What occurs when metals bond with non-metals, specifically looking at
gaining or losing electrons?
5. Define ion?
6. When metals bond with non-metals; which one becomes a positive ion and
which on becomes a negative ion?
7. What does it mean to be a positive ion verses a negative ion?
8. What kind of bond is created when a positive metal ion & a negative nonmetals ion form?
9. What is metallic bonding?
10.What role does metallic bonding play to determine how malleable & ductile
a metal will be?
11.Why are metals good conductors of heat & electricity?
12.What is one difference between alkali metals than other metals?
13.How does alkali metal’s atomic structure explain its reactivity?
14.What does it mean that an element is radioactive?
15.What is unique about Alkaline Earth Metals?
16.Where are transition element located on the periodic table?
17.What is unique about Transition Metals?
18.What are common uses for Transition Metals?
19.What is an ionic bond verses a covalent bond?