Special issue - International Review of Social Psychology
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Title: Economic crisis, socio-cognitive elaborations and collective reactions: Insights from
Social Psychology
Guest editors : Stamos Papastamou, Pascal Marchand, Silvia Mari & Joaquim Pires Valentim
The economic crisis is a “holistic” social event with multiple causes and consequences at
different levels of social life that influence the cognitive, emotional and ideological
functioning of individuals and groups. In addition, the economic crisis produces
readjustments to the identity self-determinations as well as changes to the intergroup
relations within societies and between nations. These are reflected at the level of
stereotypes and prejudice. Moreover, given that the reality that produces the economic crisis
challenges much of the constants of individual and social life, it is a prototypical situation of
uncertainty and of production of negative emotions, which tests the relationship between
citizens and power.
Given the multiple questions concerning the reactions of individual and social subjects to
situations of economic crisis, we consider important to unveil the answers that social
psychological theory and research can offer. Thus, we propose a special issue that will host
original empirical research and theoretical papers around issues such as below:
social representations, attitudes, attributions, causes and justifications of the
economic crisis
emotional and affective reactions to the crisis
social comparison dynamics and relative deprivation in economic crisis
stereotypes and intergroup relations at national and international level
political participation and collective action
ideological processes of justification and non-justification of the social system during
the economic crisis
strategies of conflict management and power enforcement
reactions to situations of individual and social uncertainty and vulnerability during
communication management of the crisis, the role and influence of the media
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Important dates for manuscript submission:
Abstract submission:31 octobre 2015
Paper submission: 31 janvier 2016
Feedback on manuscripts: 15 mars 2016
Revised final manuscripts:. 15 mai 2016