Physica D: Nonlinear
Thank you for your interest in publishing a special issue in Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena. Please provide the
following information and forward the completed form to the special issue editor, Prof. Tim Sauer, at
[email protected]
Title of the special issue:
Name(s) of managing guest editor(s):
Name(s) of co-guest editor(s), if any:
Nature and organization of the special issue
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issue on this topic at this time):
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If possible, include a list of potential contributors and subjects. Indicate whether some
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Organization of the special issue. If possible, try to address the following questions. What
will be the logical sections of the issue? Which manuscripts will be placed in which
sections? Will the sections be of roughly equal size? If there are to be review articles, will
each section have one?
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Page limits
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can be made.)
Minimum and maximum number of printed pages for each manuscript:
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