When a distribution is

12.3 Distributions of Data
Unit 4: Algebra 1 Notes
______________ of data shows the _____________ or
_______________ _________________ of each possible
__________ ______________.
A _______________ is a type of ________ ___________ used to
display data that have been organized into ______________
Construct a histogram for the data set below. Use the histogram to
describe the shape of the distribution.
Data Set #1
A _____________________ plot can also be used to identify the
shape of a distribution. A _____________________ plot displays
the ____________ of the __________ set by dividing it into
________ ____________________.
Label the box and whisker plot.
How do we find the quartiles that allow us to construct a boxand-whisker plot?
______________ are common ______________ ___ _________
that divide the data set into _________ groups.
Each___________ contains ___________ of the data,
Lower Quartile (Q1)the ___________ of the __________ half of the data
Median (Q2)the median of the ___________ data set
Upper Quartile (Q3)the ____________ of the ____________ half of the data
Other important numbers…
Where these numbers go on a box-and-whisket plot…
Construct a box-and-whisker plot for the data, and use it to
determine the shape of the distribution.
_________________ Range or ______ is the _____________
between the ___________ and __________ quartiles.
The ________ contains about _______ of the data.
An ____________ is an ________________ ________ or
__________________ _________ value when compared to the
rest of the values in the data set.
…below this value.
An outlier is found…
…above this value.
Go back to the last data set. Find the IQR. Then, determine
whether this set has any outliers.
Analyzing Distributions
You have learned that __________________________________.
The ______________ and ______________ describe the center.
The ________________________________ and ______________
describe the spread of the data.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use the _____________ of the distribution to choose the
most appropriate statistics that describe the ___________ and
_____________ of the data.
When a distribution is ___________________, the __________
accurately reflects the center of the data and the
________________________ best reflects the distribution.
_____________ have a strong effect on the ___________. So,
when __________ are present and/or the _______________is
____________, the ____________ more accurately reflects the
center of the data and _______________ best reflect the
Analyze the data sets below. Determine the best measure of center
and distribution for each set.