September 2015 - Hamilton School for the Deaf

Frank Barnes Literacy Pack
We are introducing a new literacy programme throughout the school this year. It is called Frank
Barnes : Raising Deaf Children’s Achievement in Literacy. It was developed in Frank Barnes School in
London. It provides us with a very structured approach to teaching reading and writing particularly
designed for deaf learners. If you would like to have a look at the resource please phone/text to
arrange a time to visit.
French Sign Language
The Primary 4 to 7 have started to receive French Sign Language lessons as part of their curriculum.
Enrique Canton a native French deaf person is visiting the school once per week to deliver the
lessons. Make sure you ask your child to show you what they have been learning!
PATHS programme
All the children are enjoying a new Personal and Social education programme being used across all
of Hamilton School for the Deaf and Glenlee school. It is called PATHS. Your child will learn about the
importance of compliments and will receive compliments regularly from their classmates and school
staff when they are PATHS Pupil of the Day. They will also learn about developing positive
relationships and increase their vocabulary around understanding and naming their emotions.
This term’s topics.
The primary 4-7 class topic this term is Chocolate! They are learning about where chocolate comes
from and how it is made. They recently enjoyed grinding coco beans and following a recipe to make
authentic hot chocolate. On the 26th October they will visit Lime Tree Larder in Kilbirnie where they
will get the chance to learn more about chocolate and make some themselves.
The primary 1-2 class topic is Knights and Castles. They are learning about the names for different
parts of a castle, what jobs people did in castles and the responsibility of a Knight. Next term their
topic with be Space.
The nursery topic this term is My Body. The children have been learning about what their body is
made of and the names for the different parts of it. The children will soon decide what topic they
would like to learn about next.
Dates for your diary
Tuesday 22nd September Meet the Teacher 3:15-4:45
Wednesday 23rd September- School Photographs
Friday 25th September and Monday 28th September- Holiday
Wednesday 7th October – Church for the Deaf Harvest Service
Monday 12th October – Friday 16th October – October week holiday
Monday 26th October Primary 4-7 class trip to Lime Tree Larder Kilbirnie
Flu Vaccination