By: Ramia Jones
To: Mrs. Huggins
Terrylene Sacchetti
DOB: February 5,1967
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Raised In: Chicago, Illinois
Education: Graduated From Model Secondary
School for the deaf in 1985.
Family Trivia
• One Of 5 Children.
• All of her family is deaf except the youngest
• Terrylene was born deaf.
Terrylene’s Family
• Terrylene is married to Robert Manganelli
• Terrylene and Robert have 1 child together.
• Her daughters name is Catalene Robin
• Catalene was born on December 9, 2004
• She raised Catalene in Texas and California.
When Did She Become Famous?
• On December 3, Terrylene began her career as
Terrylene Theriot, before dropping the Theriot
and becoming just Terrylene. Her acting career
actually began at the Model Secondary School
for the Deaf in Washington, D.C.
Pictures Of Terrylene
Interesting Facts
• Terrylene has a one-woman show, and has
appeared on television's Beauty And The
• Terrylene appeared on the cover of Deaf Life
magazine, in their July 1992 issue.
Terrylene’s Personal Quote
• I always say there's nothing we
can't do. If people say you
can't do it, you know they're
the ones who've listened to
that. Follow your dreams.