DIT PhD Project

DIT PhD Project
Supervisor name & contact details:
Orla Howe
Email: [email protected]
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Research Centre:
Radiation & Environmental Science Centre
The centre specialises in radiation biology and
environmental toxicology. Non-targeted (nonDNA) effects such as bystander effects,
genomic instability and adaptive responses are
the main focus. Translational research and the
use of vibrational spectroscopy as a diagnostic
tool for cancer and for the identification of
biochemical markers are also investigated.
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Title of the Project: DNA damage and molecular mechanistic analysis of novel Copper II
phenthroline complexes
Project Summary: Chemical compounds that facilitate DNA cutting are known as cleavage
reagents or artificial nucleases. These compounds are key therapeutic agents for potential
chemotherapeutic drugs or in gene therapy. Another important feature of nucleases is their
ability to cut or degrade DNA within cancerous cells thus preventing their replication. This
proposal seeks to examine, identify and optimize the molecular mode of cutting action in a
breakthrough class of synthetic, copper(II)-containing metallo-drug, which have shown exciting
and tremendous potential as artificial DNA cutters in chemo- and gene therapy.
Ciência sem Fronteiras / Science Without Borders Priority Area:
Health and Biomedical Sciences