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Dr Eugene McGovern
[email protected]
Dr Alan Gilmer
[email protected]
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Environmental Sustainability & Health Institute
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Title of the Project: Coastal zone flooding – a Geographical Information System (GIS) based
simulation of flooding & catchment eco-morphological relations in Ireland
Project Summary:
Coastal zone flooding based on mapping functional vegetation dynamics and substrate and ecomorphological relations using a combination of Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis & Maximum
Likelihood Classification.
In recent years, many coastal regions have been the subjects of increased erosion associated with
the impacts of climate change, flooding and the level of local and regional development and
urbanisation. The outcomes have included enhanced soil erosion, local and regional flooding,
loss of habitat, and a significant deterioration in amenity value. High-resolution mapping of
vegetation communities – in particular, the mixture of different functional plant groups and the
relationship with micro-morphology and substrate character is critical for the establishment of
rigorous GIS based spatial and quantitative numerical flood simulation and landscape models.
Developing such an approach can inform targeted land management actions that mitigate against
flood risks and maintain biodiversity and ecological functions.
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Minimum 2.1 (science, hydrology, life sciences, engineering, environmental science,
environmental management, geography, spatial and computational related disciplines
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