Automated Classification of internet video content

DIT PhD Project
Supervisor name & contact details:
Dr. Susan McKeever
[email protected]
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Research Centre (if applicable):
Cedar/ School of Computing
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ceADAR group @
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Title of the Project:
Automated Classification of internet video content
Project Summary:
Key words: Machine learning, classification, multi media, image processing.
There has been enormous growth in the volume of video material posted on the internet for
public and private consumption. For example, 300 hours of new video footage is uploaded to
YouTube every minute [1].
A major challenge for businesses is to process the volume of uploaded video content. The video
content needs to be classified into safe versus abusive content – and further into genres such as
news, sports, comedy and education. Current methods focus heavily on visual and /or text
content of video, with less focus on including embedded audio content [2]. This project initially
proposes to use an audio-led machine learning approach to classification, based on the premise
that the audio content of a digital audio-visual segment will provide rich information for
classification. We will enhance our approach through exploring the latest techniques in image
content for building classification features. The student will have the freedom to explore new
mechanisms for improving video classification results.
1] 2015 YouTube,
[2] 2011, W Hu, N Xie, L Li, X Zeng, “A Survey on Visual Content-Based Video Indexing and
Retrieval”, IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Volume 14, Issue 6.
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