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School is back in full swing and so are plenty of sales at Harmony Farms to help you
launch the fall school year healthy and happy!
We want to thank from the center of our hearts our beloved employee Margaret
Galloway for her 10 years of service to Harmony Farms. Margee retired to join her
husband on fun adventures and spend more time with friends and family in west
Texas. We will miss you our friend, and we thank you so much for all you have
done for Harmony Farms and our community!!!
Also, after 1.5 years Carissa, our Ast. Grocery Mgr. is moving on to pursue her
professional dancing dreams in which she is highly trained. We will miss her
enthusiasm and keen mind and fun sense of humor!
September 21 we will be having our new Electronic Door installed. During that
time the front door will not be available but you will be able to enter the store
through the side door at the front left side of the store.
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Gabriel & Zuzu! Totally clean, never
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LOCAL Organic based herbal line Gaia
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Planetary Herbals historically and still
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Free, Three Sinus Complex & Myelin
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New Chapter always supplying the
highest quality Organic and wildcrafted
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optimum health!
9.5.15 Saturday 11a-2pm: TY Baker Organic Muscadine Jelly
9.13.15 Sunday 11am-4pm: Vital Planet Pet Flora Probitics
9.26.15 Saturday 11am-1pm: Hair Shimmers with Eliza! Only $15 full hair,
tons of colors! Please call Eliza 919.633.1855 to book a space!
Thanks for shopping with Harmony Farms and see you soon!
Nancy & Steve & Team Harmony
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