Revision Information (Word)

Exam structure
All students have been entered into OCR Mathematics A J567 (Higher Tier).
Students will sit two papers.
J567/03 Thursday 21st May (Non Calculator)
J567/04 Thursday 4th June (Calculator)
Each paper is 1 hour and 45 minutes long.
Equipment for exams
Pencil/ Rubber and Pens
Scientific Calculator
Key topics
Any topic from the course could be asked on either Paper 3 or Paper 4, however some topics are
more likely to appear on one paper than the other. Circle Theorem’s, for example, is more likely to
be asked on Paper 3. However you need to be fully prepared across all the material that has been
covered. The analysis of past GCSE papers, which will be presented on revision evening, should
provide some useful information to help you prioritise your study.
The Mathematics Department will run a revision session during Easter.
Student’s best preparation will be to complete past papers fully.
Complete the revision guide that has been provided.
The Maths Watch internet based revision package may be useful to revise topics causing concern.
Some Points to consider
Assessment Objectives in all Maths Specifications
Recall and use.
45% - 55%
Select and apply methods in context.
25% - 35%
Interpret/ analysis problems and develop a
strategy to solve.
What does this mean in terms of study and exam preparation?
Consider Pythagoras
Calculate length x in the following triangle.
Question 8a November 2014 (4)
15% - 25%
Question 17a November 2014(4)
A triangle has sides of length 6cm, 8cm and 10 cm. Will this triangle be a right angled
triangle? Explain your reasoning.
QWC questions (*). Show full working in every question. An answer only will not
gain any marks if it is wrong
Calculate the volume of the toy.
……marking schedule
Read the question carefully and highlight key information like units and rounding.