Diagnostic Medical Sonography PSLO

Orange Coast College
Learning Outcomes Assessment Model
Program Name: ___Diagnostic Medical Sonography_______________
Program Lead: ________Cindi Reber-Bonhall_______________
Type of Outcome:  CSLOs X PSLOs (please check type of outcome)
Institutional Learning Outcomes: Communication; Thinking Skills; Global Awareness; Personal Development & Responsibility
Program Mission
The mission of the
Diagnostic Medical
Sonography (DMS)
Program is to prepare
students for careers
as Registered
Diagnostic Medical
(RDMS) by providing
the necessary
knowledge, skills,
and professional
attitudes through
didactic, laboratory
and clinical
Intended Outcomes
The outcome of the program
is to prepare students as
competent Diagnostic
Medical Sonographers for
employment in the imaging
field as professionals
to meet community needs,
and apply the concept of
life-long learning through
professional growth
Means of Assessment &
Criteria for Success
Analysis of Data
Use of Results
1. OCC ARDMS pass
rate for the Class of
2008 is as follows:
Physics 86%; OB/GYN
100%; Abdominal
100%. This
information was
obtained through the
graduates have clearly
surpassed the national
average of 66%.
2. OCC graduates are
performing the
ultrasound exams for
which they trained.
The Class of 2008 was
successful in passing the
ARDMS exams within
one year as well as
securing employment
within 6 months.
What are the specific assessment
tools that will establish the degree
& extent of what is to be achieved?
What are your criteria for success?
1. Pass American Registry of
Diagnostic Medical
Sonographer (ARDMS)
exams – national average
66% - OCC target first
attempt 70% within one
year of graduation
2. Perform ultrasound exams
in abdominal, superficial
structures, obstetrical and
gynecological, neonatal
and vascular.
3. Participate in local
professional society
through membership or
activity while a student –
70% target
4. Employment within 6
The assessment tools in
place are providing the
necessary information to
monitor graduate
ARDMS success rate as
well as employment rate.
months – 75% target to be
monitored with the
following tools:
Annual Advisory
Committee input
b. Annual Graduate
c. Annual Employer
3. Student
participation in a
organization – Society
of Diagnostic Medical
Sonography (SDMS) is
expected. Class of
2008 was 90%.
4. Employment for
Class of 2008 is 90% 18 of the 20 graduates
are working. This
information was
acquired through the
annual employer