Research Summary

Joyce Chandler, DVM
I began working in Dr. Van Scott’s lab in 2000 as an undergraduate, when his nonhuman
primate model of allergic asthma was in its infancy. Here I was trained by people who had 20
years of experience in proper laboratory procedures and animal handling, and I learned the fine
points of pulmonary function testing. This experience also inspired me to pursue Lab Animal
Medicine as a career, so I went to veterinary school. I had the opportunity to continue working
with Dr. Van Scott’s team performing preclinical testing of asthma therapeutics during breaks
from veterinary school. In addition, I had the opportunity to assist the veterinarians in caring for
the allergic nonhuman primate colony at ECU during completion of an internship in Laboratory
Animal Medicine in the Department of Comparative Medicine in 2010. For family reasons, after
graduating from veterinary school, I returned to GreenvilIe, NC and continue to provide
veterinary care for the allergic nonhuman primates and conduct pulmonary function testing in
Dr. Van Scott’s lab as a postdoctoral researcher.