Social Studies...Ch. 4 Our Human Geography Study Guide

Ch. 4 Study Guide
Our Human Geography
*The physical and human features of a community make up the
*Roads, bridges, and buildings are human features.
*People adapt to the climate of an area by wearing clothing that is good for
that area. For example, people near the equator wear light colored, loose
fitting clothing to help keep cool in a hot climate.
*Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods are the hardest for
people to adapt to.
*People modify, or change, their environment to meet their needs.
*To meet transportation needs, people build roads, highways, bridges, and
*A tunnel is a path under something. It speeds up transportation.
* A canal is a waterway dug across land. It speeds up transportation too.
*The Panama Canal is a waterway that was built to connect the Atlantic
Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. It made it much faster and easier for ships to
travel from one ocean to the other.
*Dams make electricity from water power.
*HYDRO means water – it is from the ancient Greek language.
*A reservoir collects and stores water for an area.
*Farms use irrigation systems to bring water to fields during dry spells.
*Irrigation is the moving of water to dry land for farming.
* Terracing is a way to farm hillsides. The ancient Inca people used this
method of farming.
*Terraces look like giant steps on the side of a mountain or hill.
* Pollution is anything that makes a natural resource dirty or unsafe to use.
*Conservation means saving resources to make them last longer.
* Landfills are places where trash is dumped.