11.32 (like homework 11.31) A sample of gas has an initial volume

11.32 (like homework 11.31) A sample of gas has an initial volume of 13.9 L at a pressure of 1.22 atm. If
the sample is compressed to a volume of 10.3 L what is the pressure?
11. 102 (homework question) Consider the reaction: 2𝐴𝑔2 𝑂(𝑠) → 4𝐴𝑔(𝑠) + 𝑂2 (𝑔)
If this reaction produces 15.8 g of Ag, what total volume of gas can be collected over water at a
temperature of 25 C, and a total pressure of 752 mmHg. (we’ll do more similar ones to this in class on
Friday too).
11.134 (tough homework question) The world burns approximately 3.5x1012kg of fossil fuel per year.
Use the combustion of octane as the representative reaction and determine the mass of carbon dioxide
(the most significant greenhouse gas) formed per year. The current concentration of carbon dioxide in
the atmosphere is approximately 394 ppm (by volume). By what percentage does the concentration
increase each year due to fossil fuel combustion? Appoximate the average properties of the entire
atmosphere by assuming that the atmosphere extends from sea level to 15 kM and that it has an aveage
pressure of 381 torr and average temperature of 275 K. Assume earth is a perfet sphere with a radius of
6371 km.