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summary carbon cycle with blanks

Our atmosphere is _____________tons of___________. Carbon in the atmosphere is mostly in the form
of_________________. The carbon is mostly store in_______________, deep ocean, sediments and
sedimentary rocks, _________, vegetation and coal, oil, and ________. There is a constant vigorous
______________that is going two ways between the ocean and the______________. Plants and animals
release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the process of________________. Plants take in
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during_________________. The rain slowly dissolves
_____________from rocks – a process called____________________. These ______________eventually
get into the sea. In the soil, ________________ (such as microbes and soil animals) _________
____________dead plant material. As well as making __________________available for living plants,
this process also _____________carbon dioxide into the_________________. Some human adverse
contribution to the carbon cycle is by the burning of___________________.
Word bank: 750 billion/ carbon/ carbon dioxide/ ocean surface/ minerals/ soil/ gas/ exchange/
atmosphere/ respiration/ weathering/ minerals/ washed/ decomposers/ break down/ nutrients/
releases/ atmosphere/ fossil fuels