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Midterm Practice QUIZ
Chapter 9
1. If the Cretaceous Period began about 146 Ma, this means it began __________________________________
2. Geologic time is divided into _____________eons.
3. Precambrian time consists of ______________________________________________
4. A geologic period is usually named for the place where its characteristic ______________ were first discovered.
5. The gradual development of new organisms from preexisting organisms is called _________________________
6. Which of the geologic time period’s rock is characterized by severe damage? _____________________________
7. The division of geologic time that makes up about 88% of Earth’s history is called _________________________
8. Scattered landmasses on Earth merged into a supercontinent during ______________________________________
9. The Devonian Period is also known as the Age of ______________________________
10. According to the impact hypothesis, dinosaurs became extinct when ______________________________________
11. The Cenozoic Era is known as the Age of _______________________________
12. The Precambrian rock record is difficult to interpret because __________________________ has altered the original
order of rock layers.
13. The appearance of many new life-forms during the first period of the Paleozoic Era was probably aided by the
development of __________________________________________________________________
14. The most common Precambrian fossils are ________________________
15. The first period of the Mesozoic Era was called the ____________________________ Period.
16. The end of the Permian Period was marked by __________________________________________
17. What happened when temperatures decreased during the ice ages of the Cenozoic Era? _______________________
18. On a geologic column, the oldest rocks are located where? _____________________________________________
19. Mountain ranges created during the Cenozoic Era include the __________________________________________
20. Scientists have most accurately determined the absolute ages of rock layers by using _____________ dating methods.
21. A variety of life-forms appeared in the Cambrian Period due to ________________________ covering the continents.
22. What can a scientist assume about the formation of a rock layer that matches a similar layer in a geologic column?
Dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the ______________________________________
24. Dinosaurs first appeared during the ____________________________________________
25. You exist during the __________________________________________________________________
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