County Mother/Daughter (Son)
Challenge Report Form
Name _____________________________________ *Club/Chapter _____________________
Please Circle One:
Junior 4th-6th grade
Intermediate 7th – 8th grade
Senior 9th – 12th grade
Rules: $40.00 limit excludes shoes & accessories
Mother substitute may be used
Clothing may be purchased anywhere
1. Write your challenge goal. (What you wanted to learn/do, which is in your control. For
example being selected for state fair is in the judge’s control thus not an appropriate goal!).
2. Where did you plan for your mother to wear this outfit when you decided to purchase it for
3. Why do you think this outfit is right for the activity or occasion written above (question 2)?
(fabric, fit, construction)
4. What other items in your mother’s wardrobe can she wear with this outfit?
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5. How many times in a year do you expect her to wear this outfit?
6. What kind of care does this outfit require?
7. Is the cost and care required for this outfit reasonable?
8. Describe the accessories you selected and explain why.
9. Attach your sales receipts to the right edge of this sheet.
10. Tell the story of how you purchased your outfit.
11. Have you changed (altered/enhanced) or embellished this garment/outfit in any way since
purchasing it? (X) _______ Yes
_______ No
12. Where did you purchase your outfit?
13. Have you ever purchased clothes at any of these places before?
(X) ______ Yes _______ No
14. Would you consider shopping there again?
(X) ______ Yes
_______ No
15. Write a short paragraph that says what you want to hear about yourself and this outfit
as you model on stage. (You can include your name, statements about design features
and colors in the outfit, your goals, or your recent 4-H experiences.) Attach paragraph to
this entry sheet.
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