Job Title: Extracurricular Scheduling Coordinator

Job Description
Job Title: Routing Specialist
Wage/Hour Status: Non-Exempt
Reports To: Routing Manager
Pay Grade: Pay Grade 5
Department: Transportation
Date Revised: 9-25-2012
Primary Purpose:
Works under the general direction of the Routing Manager to implement
computerized routing system to develop routes that maximize time and capacity use of DCS school buses.
1. High School Diploma or equivalent (ex: G.E.D.).
2. Must be 18 years of age.
3. Ability to pass pre-employment drug and background screenings.
4. TAPT certifications a plus.
Special Knowledge/Skills:
1. Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the transportation operations department of a school
district, school bus transportation company, or municipal transportation agency; OR two (2)
years’ experience in computer systems with knowledge of computerized routing systems.
2. Must possess strong computer and word processing skills, with working knowledge of Microsoft
Office and ability to utilize software to develop routes and schedules.
Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Personal Effectiveness:
1. Positive Attitude: Presents a positive attitude that supports the goals of DCS.
2. Cooperation: Works effectively with others and is flexible.
3. Dependability: Reports to work on time, is reliable for regular and overtime work, and is absent
only with good cause.
4. Judgment: Exhibits good judgment in decision-making and problem-solving.
5. Demonstrates effective comprehension and communication in reading, writing, and problemsolving.
6. Uses time wisely to ensure productivity and efficiency.
7. Is able to work independently with little or no supervision.
8. Is well organized and attentive to details.
9. Ability to handle multiple tasks and to work within time constraints and under pressure.
10. Initiative: Recognizes needs of job and suggests ways to improve efficiency and productivity.
11. Professional demeanor, organized and detail oriented, with excellent communication and
interpersonal skills.
Route Coordinator
12. Ability to receive and give written and verbal instructions.
Job Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Assist with developing and coordinating routes to maximize time and capacity use of DCS school
buses through the use of a computerized routing system and related software (the “routing
2. Work with other routing specialists to monitor the currency and accuracy of the routing system.
3. Monitor student ridership and assist with management of student information in the routing
4. Assist with maintaining, developing, and administering in-service training on the use of the
routing system.
5. Assist with the supervision and maintenance of the geo-code mapping.
6. Assist districts by providing the necessary data for boundary planning and redistricting project, if
7. Assist with transportation department reporting requirements, including but not limited to TEA
annual reports.
8. Support district clients and DCS administrative staff with computerized school boundary address
9. Create, update, and communicate with service centers regarding bus routes and driver directions
and disseminate route changes in a timely fashion.
10. Assist with monitoring all DCS vehicles utilizing GPS and provide reports as needed.
11. Develop and maintain positive relationships with school administrators and maintain a
professional demeanor in personal and telephone discussions with other staff, school
administrators, and parents.
12. Working knowledge of DCS policies and procedures.
13. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors.
Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:
1. This work requires the following physical activities in an office environment: long periods of
sitting, mobility, light lifting, finger dexterity, grasping, repetitive motions, talking, hearing and
visual acuity.
2. Must possess the ability to work efficiently and patiently under pressure and stressful conditions.
3. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to
perform the essential functions of the job.
The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not
an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.
Approved by: _____________________________________ Date: _____________
(Director of Transportation)
Approved by: _____________________________________ Date: _____________
(Routing Manager)
Reviewed by: _____________________________________ Date: _____________
(General Counsel)
Route Coordinator
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