The University of Texas at Tyler Information Technology Strategic

The University of Texas at Tyler
Information Technology Strategic Plan 2011-12
IT Mission Statement
The University of Texas at Tyler's Information Technology division supports the goals and mission of the
university by coordinating and managing the administrative information systems, campus computing,
network operations, and educational technology services departments to provide integrated support
and operations. These areas support and maintain the data, voice, and video communications
technology, student information system, interactive video systems, desktop computer hardware &
software, and the information resources infrastructure for the university to support and facilitate
teaching, learning, research, and service.
Vision Statement
The Information Technology division will effectively and efficiently serve the campus community to
provide high quality information resources and technology that will enhance the student learning
experience and support innovative teaching and leading edge research.
Strategic Goals
Goal 1. Provide and maintain a secure, reliable, and sophisticated information technology
Objective 1.1 Maintain secure state-of-the-art network and operations.
Objective 1.2 Deliver reliable core information technology services.
Objective 1.3 Upgrade and develop UT Tyler’s network infrastructure and to support and provide
innovative and progressive technologies.
Goal 2. Meet the technology needs of students, faculty, researchers, administrators, and staff
with a technology rich environment of integrated information systems and communications
Objective 2.1 Maintain and enhance the university information technology infrastructure to
improve academic, business and administrative processes and productivity.
Objective 2.2 Continue to improve student and administrative information services by
providing more access and flexibility.
Objective 2.3 Provide network and telecommunications systems to support innovative
technology enhanced learning, hybrid course delivery, and increase virtual student, faculty, and
staff access to campus systems.
Objective 2.4 Implement mobile & social media services to improve communication and
outreach to students and the campus community.
Goal 3. Provide ongoing improvement of technology services and support.
Objective 3.1 Maintain effective and efficient user support and help desk staffing.
Objective 3.2 Maintain and develop IT staff skills and expertise.
Objective 3.3 Develop or utilize new tools to continue automation of IT services, provide
additional integrations for ease of use, and expand remote access to services.
Objective 3.4 Research new options and tools that will enhance customer support and services.
Goal 4. Provide IT support and leadership for innovative and collaborative enterprise IT
Objective 4.1 Continue active and successful role in UT System Shared Services initiatives
Objective 4.2 Partner with community and collaborative entities to explore potential projects
that expand IT services and reduce costs.
Goal 5. Manage IT as a strategic resource to improve efficiencies and increase savings.
Objective 5.1 Continue consolidations of resources and processes to garner savings and achieve
increased capacities.
Objective 5.2 Review internal IT operations and processes to identify cost effective
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