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MASHAV Projects in China
During the 20 years of diplomatic relation, MASHAV corporate with Chines
organizations to establish centers for sharing knowledge and technology transfer,
mainly in the agriculture field. The Israeli technology and innovation in the
agriculture field is well known for water saving and production improvements.
Sino-Israeli Demonstration Dairy Farm, 2001 till date
The Israeli dairy industry has been consistent in its achievements, turning it into
an agricultural pillar and the largest industry of its kind in the Middle East. The
Israeli cow produces today an annual average of 12,500 kg of milk and has the
highest national milk yield (production/cow/year) in the world. The success is
remarkable considering the heat, humidity, limited land and water resources, and
several veterinary issues that had to be overcome.
The Sino-Israeli Demonstration Dairy farm was established in 2001 in Yongledian,
near Beijing. It is operated by Beijing Sanyuan Group while MASHAV gives the
professional support. The farm design was made according to the Israeli
experience and includes: calves’ hatches, heifer shed, milking-cows sheds, drycows sheds, calving pen, cows’ hospital, milking center and feed center. All the
data monitored for every cow 3 times a day such as: activity- an indicator for
estrus detection, milk conductivity- an indicator for mastitis, and milk yield activity
in the farm is stored in the main computer, with most advanced herd
management software, which is developed and made in Israel.
Applying the latest Israeli designs, technologies and expertise on its herd of over
1,000 dairy cows, it raised high of over 11,550 kg./cow/year in 2010 and
expected to rise up to almost 12,000 kg/cow/year in 2012. The farm became one
of the most efficient in China and serves as an observation center for thousands
of dairy producers from China and from neighboring countries. The first Israeli
dairy expert, Mr. Lior Yaron who gave the professional support for the dairy farm
awarded the GREAT WALL prize for his contribution. The farm also awarded
prize for these achievements. The second Israeli expert, Mr. Daniel Hojman
completed a mission period of 2.5 years and brought this farm to outstanding
results, bringing the milk yield similar to the Israeli milk production level. The third
expert, Dr. Meori Rosen, also helped the farm to increase milk production but, in
addition exposed the success of the demo farm to other farms of Sanyuan and
helps the company to build a data analysis unit.
Sino-Israeli Demonstration and Training Center for Agriculture in Arid Zone,
The Sino-Israeli Demonstration and Training center for Agriculture in Arid Zone
located in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was the first cooperative project
between China and Israel in north-west of China. Until now, it was the most
advanced agricultural base of water-saving in dry land in China. It was
established by the Israeli government in China.
Since the project has been operated 10 years ago, more than 20,000 people
visited and around 6,000 people participated in the training activities those were
organized there. The project produced high quality cut flowers and vegetables
with saving water irrigation system. The water usage can save by 50%. The
Israeli government sent experts to direct and coach how to manage the projects.
In 2006, the Israeli expert, Mr. Iigal Cohen working in the project in Xinjiang
awards China Tianshan Prize for his exceptional contributions to the
development of economy and social undertakings of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous
Region of China. The project came to its end at November 2008.
With the implementation of the project and extension of Israeli advanced
agricultural and saving water irrigation technology, it is expected to contribute to
the Development of West China and the establishment of Saving-Water Society
in China.
Beijing Sino-Israel Demonstration Farm, 1996-2003
In October of 1993, during his visit to China, Mr. Rabin, the former Israeli minister
gave an advice to Mr. Li Peng, the former Chinese minister to establish a
demonstration farm, which could show the latest development of agro-technology
by the cooperation with Chinese technicians .
MASHAV was responsible for the work of establishing the demonstration farm. In
1996 advanced Israeli greenhouses, were set with drip irrigation system on the
farm and cultivation of vegetables and flowers started. Two Israeli experts came
to China to train the professionals on the technology. The demonstration farm
reflected its value from the very begging: the yield was twice to three times of
other normal farms, the quality of its produce was much higher and the
preservation much longer, its flower product become very popular in the market
of Beijing. The achievement indicates that with the proper using, farmers could
get more income in the same land, and at meantime they are less dependent on
water and the changing of weather .
The advanced variety of vegetable grown in the farm at the beginning, such as
cherry tomato, and new variety of roses now is so popular in the market.
This farm in Yongledian was an experimental spot of modern farm. Since the
establishment of the farm, there are many similar farms throughout China.
The achievement of the modern farms indicates that Yongledian demonstration
farm has already fulfilled the goal of demonstrating and extending of the modern
agriculture with high technology .
Yongledian Sino-Israeli demonstration farm was a model of cooperation between
Mashav and friendly countries, which was in order to promote the economic
development. It also reflects the promise that Israel is devoted to share its
professional techniques with other countries to improve their farmers’ income and
living condition .
The Chinese-Israeli International Center for Training in Agriculture (CIICTA)
Chinese-Israeli International Center for Training in Agriculture (CIICTA) was
established by Ministry of Agriculture of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of Israel. The opening of the CIICTA was declared by Mr. Shimon Peres, the
former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel in October 1993. Benjamin Netanyahu,
the former Israeli Prime Minister, attended the opening ceremony and cut the
ribbon for the new CIICTA building when he came to visit China in May 1998.
Function of CIICTA
Training high-level professional personnel in agriculture
Introduction and assimilation of new agricultural technology from abroad
Substantial collaboration in agricultural science and technology between China
and Israel
Research and Development
Extension and marketing
High Rank Leader's Visit, Cooperation & Exchanges
High rank leaders from Israel have visited CIICTA since its establishment in 1993,
as well as more than 100 Israeli experts. The visits promoted the cooperation
between China and Israel and the rapid development of CIICTA
As well.
Academic Exchanges
More than 10 work shops were organized at CIICTA with participation of about
400 experts from Israel, UK, Germany and US. CIICTA sent more than 80
Chinese experts and 100 participants to Israel for Academic visit. Ten workshops
were organized in cooperation with international organizations.
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