skill core

Ms. Bethany’s Toddler Two LESSON PLAN
WEEK: September 30-October 4th
Assistants: Alexis & Tocarra
Books of the Week: Barn Cat
Slide and find the farm
My little people farm
Pop up Farm
Concepts learning this week: Find the farm animal that goes with the sound you hear. Colors- purple and
brown. Painting to the pictures in the book
Core Skills: Creative Representation-
Core Skill: Communication and LanguageMUSIC and Movement for the week:
Core Skills: Movement Old Mac Donald
Jump up and turn around
Little Red Hen
Language working on this week:
Core Skill: Sense of self Core Skill: Social Relations 
Naming farm animals and making the sound they make
We are working on A-E-I-O-U The children use their arms to make the letter and they all sing the sound together
Refers to self by name
Core Skill: Communication and LanguageCore Skill: Exploration and Early Logic 
Did you feed my cow? Children will go into the kitchen to find one object of food and tell me what they picked to feed
the puppet cow. We will have pictures of corn and hay to match on the board
Flannel board pictures things you see on the farm
Each child will put a farmer’s hat on and give the hat to the child next to them. Key word next and who is sitting next
to you?
We will used the pretend farm set to use with our friends
Core Skill:
Cow handprints
Duck time with feathers
Yarn collage
Eggshell collage
Animal sponge prints
During the day the children have access to fine motor, gross motor, dramatic play, supervised art, science and math
areas, writing areas and music areas. This gives the children the ability to choose what they would like to do at any
given time. This time encourages exploration, language and social skills with peers and general cognitive