z`s vocabulary

Class Presentation Done on the 15th of June 2010 By ZEBEDEE.
1.Bewilderment. (noun) uncountable: Meaning throw into a state of mental uncertainty. (To
confuse or befuddle, especially with numerous conflicting situations, objects, or statements)
Literary: a feeling of pleasant surprise or admiration
The Change in policy seems to have bewildered many of our customers.
Synonyms: Confuse, Befuddle, Puzzle
Bewilder (verb)
Be wilderness. (Noun)
Bewildering (Adjective)
Bewildered (adjective)
Bewilderedly (adverb)
Bewilderingly (adverb) .The details are bewilderingly complex.
2. Comprehend: (Verb) .To understand something that is complicated or difficult.
Sentence: You will comprehend if you pay attention to the teacher.
Comprehension (noun) (uncountable and countable.)the reading comprehension was kind of difficult.
Comprehensive (Noun) Kylie goes to the local comprehensive school.
Comprehensiveness (noun) (uncountable)
Comprehensive (adjective) a comprehensive study of alcoholism
Comprehensively (adverb)
Synonyms: appreciate, apprehend, catch, catch on (to), dig [slang], get, grasp, make,
make out, perceive, see, seize, tumble (to), understand.
3. Hilarious :( Adjective) something spoken with the intention to make people laugh.
Extremely funny.
Sentence: Tiger Woods has gained popularity for his hilarious critique
Hilariously (adverb)
Synonyms: Amusing, humorous, hysterical, comical, very funny, Witty.
4. Engage (Verb): To become involved with, do, or take part in something.
Engaged (adjective)
engaging (adjective)
Engager( Noun)
Engagement (Noun)Formal, (countable and uncountable) an official arrangement to do something,
especially one that is related to your work.
Sentence: I thought we were engaged said Joan “But you are not my engager you can keep your
engagement ring.
sentence : please sign to indicate your acceptance of the terms of engagement
synonyms. Take part in, promise.
5. Rudiment(s) :( noun) Formal: The most basics parts of
sentence: We learned the rudiments of writing essays in high school
Rudimentary (adjective)
Rudimental (adjective)
synonyms: Fundamental, Basic, Base, foundation, Root
a subject which you learn