Horse vocab

1. They were more familiar with escape than he was, and knowing what to expect, they forestalled
2. Before riding into camp they stopped and dressed in their regalia and in parts of their victims’
3. They rode down toward the tepee circle, shouting and singing, brandishing their weapons.
4. The hag gave him stinking, rancid grease and let him figure out what it was for.
5. But a horse had only to be docile.
6. He heard rustling there and the old woman’s querulous voice.
7. For four months he had heard it, day and night, the joy and the mourning, the squabbles and
the deliberations.
8. She had had four sons, she reminded her detractor…who answered with scorn.
9. Deviation meant dishonor.
10. The white man tried to take the knife away, but she protested so piteously that he let her do as
she wished.
1. Forestall-Verb: To prevent somebody from doing something or prevent something from
2. Regalia- Noun: Distinctive clothing meant for formal or significant occasion
3. Brandish- Verb: To wave something about in a menacing or dramatic way
4. Rancid- Adjective: Have a strong smell or taste of decomposing fats and oils
5. Docile- Adjective: Quiet, easy to control, unlikely to cause trouble
6. Querulous- Adjective: inclined to complain or whine
7. Deliberation- Noun: Formal or official discussion or debate
8. Scorn- Noun: A strong feeling of hatred or disgust
9. Deviation- Noun: A change or difference from what is expected or normal
10. Piteous- Adjective: Deserving pity or causing feelings of pity