Eight Profiles – Your Natural Strength & Style

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Sandra Collins
What is Your Natural Strength & Style?
Read the descriptions and see which one you feel most describes you.
Creative Genius
You might not be the best people-people or data-driven analyst, but you are
great at setting the vision and a high standard to reach for. You are innovative
and love starting new projects and initiatives, thinking out of the box and out of
the ordinary. In your business you are a fantastic ideas person, but beware of
moving on to too many new things before others are completed. How do you
show your clients your creativity? We can show you how to engage others in
your creativity and who to surround yourself with to promote and bring your
ideas to life.
Star Communicator
You are a great promoter. You lead from the front, loving it when you are given
the chance to shine in front of others. Being the front person in a business you
need the support and systems behind you so that you can focus on building the
business. You are great at building excitement and momentum in a business. As
the promoter, do you make the most of how others see you? We can show you
the best ways to make yourself visible in a positive way and surround yourself
with others who will compliment your skills and help you achieve your goals.
Supportive Leader
You are a great people person. You are relationship focused, a confidence
builder and able to lead others as you bring people together and motivate them
to be their best, naturally building collaboration, trust and loyalty critical for
sustained high performance. You may not have creative ideas or a big plan but
once a plan is in place you turn value into action by encouraging and motivating.
We can show you how to work with others, to choose the right plan, team and
companies to work with that will appreciate and benefit from your talents.
Deal Maker Extraordinaire
You are true people’s people, but you are more private than a Star or Supporter,
and prefer to work one-to-one. You bring people and opportunities together and
lead best when you are able to be in constant conversation whilst listening
closely to what is happening around you. As a Deal Maker Extraordinaire you are
the best connectors and negotiators of win-win solutions. We can show you your
best ways to communicate and to leverage your value to more people you
connect with and to surround yourself with others who can support you with
structure and ideas for your business.
07742 445243
Sandra Collins
The Ultimate Trader
Traders are the best negotiators. You thrive when you can build and grow a
connection with your customers. You work best when immersed in daily action,
when timing is of essence and when you have ongoing input from your
environments and people to inform your decision-making. The Ultimate Trader
will always know what systems and which people will provide the service and
support to cement a satisfied and loyal customer relationship. How do you show
your value? We can show you the best ways for you present your efficiency,
insight and ability to see things others miss and to how to surround yourself
with those with a long term view to compliment your present orientated
The Accumulator
The Accumulator is a great ambassador. You are an excellent project manager
given your analytical skills and sense of timing. You are reliable and will find the
way to deliver what is needed on time. You love having the opportunity to
research and report. The Accumulator works well with a well-defined task or
project. They are the best planners, and project and risk managers. How do you
engage your customers effectively? We can show you the best ways to
communicate with your customers, how to network effectively and surround
yourself with those who bring fresh ideas and the right connections for your
Lords are the best analysts. You are great at finding inefficiencies because you
patiently track data, analyse the detail and strive to stay in control. For this
reason, Lords communicate well with facts and numbers instead of through
conversation and collaboration. Lords almost always value process and policy
over people, and are great at providing leadership when resources and finances
are tight and success requires efficiency and precision. They are the best datadriven analytics and efficiency leaders. We can show you the best ways to use
your talents to communicate effectively with customers and to surround yourself
with those who bring ideas and a people perspective to the business.
The Systems Mechanic
You constantly look for improvements and as a result are continually challenging
the status quo on the way things are done. This can be very stimulating for
some, and very frustrating for others. You are the best at creating systems,
improving and finishing. The Systems Mechanic is a good creative problem
solver, perfecting the underlying processes, procedures and systems. How do
you show the value of your innovation effectively? We can show you the best
ways to perfect your communication style and surround yourself with those who
can work with your ideas to motivate others.
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