API SPEC 16D Section 4.3
4.3.1 Pressure Containing Components. Pressure Vessels.
General - Pressure vessels having internal or external
operating pressures above 15 psi (103 KPa)
shall meet or exceed the mandatory appendices of
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII,
Division I, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels. Accumulators. Accumulator shells shall
be hydrostatically tested to one and one-half (l-l/2)
times their maximum intended working pressure.
Certification of hydrostatic test witnessed by the
ASME inspector shall be evident by the appropriate
code inspection stamp permanently affixed to each
accumulator shell. Accumulator shells shall include
a permanently afilxed serial number. Written test
reports certifying acceptance of the accumulator shell
test shall be maintained by the control system manufacturer
for each serial numbered unit. Traceability
to the original accumulator shell manufacturer shall
be maintained.
Each precharged accumulator bottle inclusive of
all components in the final configuration assembly
item shall be hydrostatically tested to the maximum
rated working pressure.
The control system manufacturer shall maintain a
Quality History File including Hydrostatic Test
Charts to insure proof that each serial numbered
unit successfully held the test pressure (within 1.5%)
for a minimum of five minutes after stabilization
(see Sufficient time for pressure stabilization
should be allowed to compensate for the
temperature effect on the nitrogen precharge.
6.1.2 Personnel Qualifications. Quality assurance/
control personnel shall be qualified by relevant training
and experience. Verification of qualification in written
record shall be maintained and available as audit may
Quality assurancelcontrol personnel shall have additionally
received training and shall have demonstrated
a thorough understanding of the requirements and specifications
of the equipment, processes, and functions
under their jurisdiction.
6.1.3 Quality Control Requirements. Organization/Procedures. The quality
program shall adhere to procedures and guidelines
which shall be available in written form to all quality
personnel. The quality program shall include a quality
manual approved by a responsible officer of the manufacturer.