Our customer wanted to replace their 18 year old non-functioning vynal
windows. They were letting a lot of heat out (and cold in). The windows
mechanisms for raising and lowering had broken. Also, This customer
wanted to achieve a certain look.
Although this home was built in the mid seventies, its new look was to
be a mid 1800’s rustic homestead. Andersen Windows “A Series” offers
custom removable wooden grills that lend the windows a older, rustic
appeal. The customer wanted a dark bronze color, just one of 9 to
choose from. We provided several trim surround designs and the customer
chose traditional roughsawn cedar with a thick historical sill. After
some investigation, we were able to find room in the framing to install
slightly larger windows further helping achieve a historical look.
Initial cut of siding to remove old window and install new custom
The Customer chose Roughsawn Red Cedar to create the window surrounds.
We maufactured the surrounds (glued, screwed, primed and Painted) as a
one piece unit. Soldered, Copper drip caps give the trim a durable and
beautiful accent.
Once the correct dimensions are calculated, the siding is cut back to
fit the dimensions of the trim surround.
The new drip cap is tucked under the old Siding. The surround is the
tucked under the cap.
Color Matching Polyurethane caulking is applied on the back edge of
surround, the surround – siding joint and between surround and window.
Finished Window
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