Offsetters Climate Solutions & Forest Carbon Group The Forest

Offsetters Climate Solutions & Forest Carbon Group
The Forest Carbon Group holds a 30 percent share of the Canadian company Offsetters Climate
Solutions, the leading provider of climate & carbon-management solutions in Canada. The strategic
partnership allows both companies to offer a broad portfolio of projects and to work in various regional
carbon markets.
A combined US$ 10 million has been invested to design and develop forest conservation and
reforestation projects.
More than 6 million carbon credits sold, thereof 1.5 million by FCG.
Conservation and sustainable management of more than 350,000 hectares of forest land in
North America and Africa through FCG's investment.
These include three prominent forest carbon projects worldwide:
o „Mai Ndombe REDD+“ in the DR Congo
o „Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project“
o „Great Bear Rainforest“ Projekt in Canada.
Developing projects for the emissions trading system in California that includes carbon credits
from reforestation and forest conservation projects to fulfill emission reduction obligations
Offsetters was official partner of the first carbon neutral Winter Olympics and Winter
Paralympics 2010 in Vancouver, and was official carbon sponsor of the America’s Cup 2013
Offsetters made possible the first carbon neutral airline in North America, the first carbon
neutral coffee producer and the largest carbon neutral credit cooperative in Canada.