Toxicology 1

SAQ Week 5 TNH Fellowship – Toxicology 1
Q1 2012.2.2
Discuss the role of activated charcoal in the emergency department for
managing patients presenting with poisoning by oral ingestion. (100%)
The overall pass rate for this question was 89/128 (69.5%)
Q 2 Monash Trial 2012.2
a. Outline the spectrum of possible emergency department
presentations resulting from metamphetamine use
b. Outline your approach to the treatment of acute behavioural
disturbance caused by methamphetamine toxicity
Q 3 2006.2.
a. What are the symptoms and signs of lithium toxicity?
b. Describe the specific treatments for lithium toxicity including (70%)
their indications.
Q 4 2004.2.6
A 3 year old child is brought into the emergency department having
ingested “at least 20” of her mother’s iron tablets.
a. Describe your assessment of this patient.
b. Describe your management of this patient.
Q 5 2004.1.2
A 23 year old overseas student presents to your emergency
department complaining that he has difficulty with his eyesight.
Examination shows he can only recognise hand movements. He
admits to work stresses and that he had taken an overdose of
quinine tablets.
a. Describe the clinical features and complications of a
quinine overdose.
b. Describe the management of this patient.
Q 6 2011.1.3
Describe the indications for initiating and terminating antidotal
therapy with N-acetylcysteine in the treatment of suspected or
actual overdoses of paracetamol. (100%)
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