Collaboration and Communication Log - West Liberty

West Liberty-Salem
Data Collection Log: Collaboration and Communication
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Standard 6: Collaboration and Communication – Teachers collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, administrators, and the
community to support student learning.
 Teachers communicate clearly and effectively (evidence can/will be observed in classroom observations)
 Teachers share responsibility with parents and caregivers to support student learning, emotional and physical development and mental health.
 Teachers collaborate effectively with other teachers, administrators and school and district staff.
 Teachers collaborate effectively with the local community agencies, when and where appropriate, to promote a positive environment for student
Use this log to describe and document activities that contribute to Standard 6: Collaboration and Communication. Select and attach artifacts that represent a
variety of types of communication/collaboration which may include byt are not limited to the following:
 Notes of collaboration occurring with colleagues
 Log of phone/email/conference contacts with parents
 Description/samples of work produced from collaboration with colleagues
 Documentation of meetings, committees and school event planning with parents and other community memembers
 Samples of newsletters
 Screen shots of classroom website at various times of year
Data collected and documented within this area will assist in the overall Rubric rating for the Teacher Performance evaluation. Evidence collection in this area is
the responsibility of the teacher.
Individual(s) Involved
Artifacts/Type of Communication