Student teacher observation note-taking form

The University of Akron
The Office of Student Teaching
Observation Note Taking Form
Teacher Candidate:
Observer’s Name:
Observation Notes:
Lesson Topic:
Goals/Next Steps for Teacher Candidate:
Supervisor/Mentor’s Next Steps:
Use the below ratings for the standards listed below:
EE=exceeds expectations ME=Meets expectations E=Emerging NN=Does Not Meet Expectations
O=Optional/Not Observed
Next Observation Date:
___ 1: Understands student learning, development,
___ Knowledge of students
___ Knowledge of student development
___ Expect all students will achieve
___ Model respect for diversity
___ Identifies intervention needed for enrichment,
reinforcement, remediation
___ 2: Knowledge of content area
___ Knowledge content and how to teach it to students
___ Use of instructional strategies to teach concepts
___ Knowledge of district and state contents
___ Ability to use cross-curricular approach
___ Ability to make content relevant
___ 3: Varied assessments for instruction and
evaluation to ensure student learning
___ Use of varied diagnostic, formative and summative
assessments and how to use data generated
___ Analyze data to monitor student learning
___ Plan, differentiate and modify instruction
___ Communicate progress with various stakeholders
___ Use of self-assessment and goal setting
___ 4: Plan and deliver effective instruction for each
___ Align instructional goals with district and state
___ Address the achievement gap
___ Link learning activities to defined goals
___ Plans instructional design and delivery based on
students think and learn
___ Differentiates instruction to support learning needs of
___ Activities help student become independent learners
and complex problem solvers
___ Use of technology and resources to enhance
___ 5: Learning environments that promote high levels
of learning and achievement
___ Treat students fairly in respectful environment
___ Environment is physically and emotionally safe
___ Motivate students to work productively and assume
responsibility for learning
___ Students work independently, collaboratively and/or as
a whole class
___ Maintain environment conducive to learning for all
___ 6: Collaborate and communicate with
stakeholders to support student learning
___ Communicate clearly and effectively
___ Share responsibility with parents to support student
learning, emotional and physical development and
mental health
___ Collaborate with school stakeholders
___ Collaborate with community to promote positive
environment for student learning
___ 7: Assume responsibility for professional growth
and serve a s member of a learning community
___ Follow ethics, policies and legal codes of professional
conduct take responsibility for engaging in continuous
and purposeful professional development
___ Be an agent of change to impact teaching quality,
school improvements and student achievement.
___ Other
___ Timely lesson plans
___ Professional Dispositions
___ Attendance